Built using the finest quality materials, by the finest quality tradesmen, these beautifully finished, A rated homes, leave no stone unturned.


In the current climate energy efficiency is key, when building high quality homes. All of the home at Dargan Road, are extremely energy efficient, with a high level of insulation throughout to contain the heat provided by the Air/Water heating system. Heat is distributed throughout the home through under floor heating on both the ground floor and first floor, all of which is fully controllable by the individual thermostats in each room.


To prevent further heat loss in these air tight homes, the air circulation within the home is provided by a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. This system removes stale air and replaces it, with filtered air from outside. This air is heated using the heat recovered from the extracted air, to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain the comfortable heat throughout the home.


Further specification to follow

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